I don’t even know how I came up with such a lousy title for this blog, but this will be about my second time being chosen as a Chiba-kun ambassador for Chiba Prefecture.


So, first and foremost, thank you to the staff and planners of this program, especially to Mr. Kensuke Morita, the governor of the prefecture, for choosing me (again) to take part in this program.

Honestly, I sent my application on the last day of the application period. Less did I expect that it would be sent to the prefectural office on time. I was not even sure if I should really be harnessing another obligation despite the loads of project I am currently handling during the time my mind was swaying if I should submit it or not. Anyway, I decided to fill up the form. I don’t even know if my ideally written answers in the form could pass the screening. Yeah, I filled it up, but it went untouched until the last day of submission. That was when I thought, “This may be my last chance to say my gratitude to everyone in Chiba who has taken good care of me – directly and indirectly. So, come what may, I’ll submit this.” Oh yeah, I want to say thank you to Hara-san for putting it in the post for me.


The notice came on the third week of May, if I am not mistaken. Three of my fellow ambassadors (batch 2015) were having this conversation in our Line group about them being chosen, and I decided to just stay silent until the other day. I was expecting 5-6 of us to be seeing each other again this year, but little did I know that 3-4 of them forgot to submit their forms on time. So, four from the previous ambassadors are now senpais.

The day of the appointment came, and I was glad to see new faces mixed with some of the old ones. The ceremony was indeed very nostalgic and fun. There were lots of photographers and I think staff members from Chiba TV were there that time. (Confirmed. Our ceremony was broadcasted the following day.)


I just hope that this year, everyone will be able to attend all the tours. I hope everyone gets close with each other as soon as possible. This year will be fun. I believe it will.


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