On Becoming a Taishi

I have been living in Chiba for almost three years and been appointed by the governor as an ambassador for two consecutive years already.

Never did I imagine I would be one… will totally be a lie if I said it. Yes, I wanted to be one  because it’s going to be cool, right? Nah, It would be cheesy, but it is to show that I still have patriotism towards my homeland and it is to show gratitude to the people of Japan (especially Chiba) who have been a part of my life already.

I knew about the program since 2014 and four of my classmates from a language school here were previous ambassadors – the ones I succeeded. I thought to myself that If they could do it halfheartedly, I believe I can do better. I hoped for it and took on different challenges just to have a very persuasive background by the time I apply for it.

Long story short, with all those efforts, I was recommended by one of my teachers even after I have already graduated from that school. This was yet another chance to show how grateful I am to the Japanese who believed in my potentials and abilities.

So I applied and waited. Honestly, I am one those over-confident guys you will ever meet. But, I will only become confident if I know I have worked hard enough in attaining something. So yeah, this time I was pretty much confident since I have this big, not to mention regional-level, achievement backing me up.


 Appointed Chiba-kun Ambassadors for 2015-2016

Then this brown envelope from the International Affairs Division of the Chiba Prefectural Government came. I got selected! I still remember that too-good-to-be-true feeling that lingered through me when the notice came. I was jumping in joy while telling my close friends about the news. I got excited – excited for a fact that I will be experiencing what some of my classmates had experienced, and excited that I will be setting up a new milestone in my life.


チーバくん (Chiba-kun)

This milestone will be my stepping stone to extend my gratitude to the people who have taken good care of me since I came here. This will also be a great opportunity to show the Japanese the uniqueness and core moral values of what my fellowmen possess.


Just me with my good old buddy

To you aspirants out there, I believe it is best for you to build up a strong foundation right now – a strong, persuasive and unique background – if ever you think on applying for the next official year. But remember that you must not focus on piling up achievements, rather think of ways on how you could connect to a great number of people while keeping in mind ways on how to be of great help to them once you are in that position. Envision. Keep the faith. Act. Let it materialize. I believe that’s all there is to it.



Fast forward, my first year as an ambassador was all loads of fun, learning,  chances to connect with the locals, and intercultural exchanges. Honestly, it made me love Chiba-ken more.

I am now on my second year of becoming an ambassador, but it doesn’t mean that I was not in the selection process for this official year. Yes, I took chances and applied again for this year. Luckily, I made it… Nah. “I did it!” would probably the proper term this time.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you all the best in each of your endeavors.

Chiba Prefecture began the “Ambassadors to Spread Chiba Prefecture’s Charm to the World Together with CHI-BA+KUN” (abbreviated as “CHI-BA+KUN Ambassadors”) project in 2011. The CHI-BA+KUN Ambassadors are exchange students and other foreign residents living in Chiba Prefecture, who use their blogs, Facebook, and other social media to promote Chiba Prefecture’s many attractions in their native languages.

For more information about what the Chiba-kun Taishi Program is, kindly visit this website: The CHI-BA+KUN Ambassadors


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