Shiina Orchid


椎名洋ラン園 (Shiina Youran-en) is the name of the facility where us ambassadors went to after the “Mi” workshop. Just looking at the facade of the shop slash facility will make you think that it is just a small-scale business. But upon entering, we were amazed by how huge the place was.


It was written in our schedule sheets that we were to arrange or “bend” our own orchids. It was not until we got there where we were told that we will be receiving the orchids that we will arrange. So, I felt lucky. I mean, we.

Upon entering the shop, lots of orchids and other flowering plants were on display.

We were welcomed by this guy below, where he also briefly oriented us about what we will be doing from in this facility.



After the formalities and brief orientation, we started on the process of making our own orchid design. I chose this orange one, btw. I chose it because the other ambassadors mostly chose the purple and white ones… aannnd I think this “burning” type of color resembles my passion. LOLDSC_0355

So, off we go to the next area where the “bending” occurs. Again, it was another big space. Mind you, the place was really spacious. I wonder how many chambers there are in that place. Anyway, we were carefully instructed by the employees in that area.

Below are the different tools used in shaping up your masterpiece. There were green wires to match the orchids with green stems and, of course, brown wires to match the orchids with brown stems. LOL


Thanks to the careful guidance of the employees I was able to “bend” my own orchid and have a balanced design. (Picture of my finished design above)

Another thing that was very interesting in that place was the lady who kept on talking to us. Seriously, she kept on talking non-stop for about 30 minutes, I think. It was not a bad thing at all. She was talking a lot about some of the tours she went to, and the people she met throughout her life. By her story, I really felt that she really had a good heart. 🙂

I had fun at the facility and bringing our finished design back made the tour very worth it!

More from their website:

They operate from 8:30-17:00

Take the train until Higataeki Station and walk for about 20 minutes for you to be able to reach this place.


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