Mobara’s Tanabata Matsuri

It’s been a while since I last made an entry here. This entry will be about one of Japan’s biggest festivals celebrated in the Kantou region. Yeah, as the title itself says, Mobara’s Tanabata Matsuri!

Mobarin – Mobara City’s Mascot

Just to give you a brief explanation on what Tanabata is, it is actually a celebration related to the stars. Legends says that on the 7th of July, two lovers – Hikoboshi and Orihime would be allowed to meet at the shores of this mystical river. Now, usually on this day, kids (well, mostly.) write their wishes on colored paper strips and hang them on bamboo leaves. Though it is said to be on the 7th of July, most festivals in Japan celebrate it after the said date. The reason why Mobara’s Tanabata Festival is held way after the 7th of the month.

This was my second time going to the event and the city was as colorful as always. I am actually document some of the performances of my friends and as the saying goes, I’m hitting two birds with one rock, nah, three birds, perhaps.

A lot of people wore their yukatas and kimonos this day. Even foreigners were sighted in the area. There were lots of stores lined up on the streets where you could buy Japanese sweets and street foods. Lots of stores also had games and with them.

The karaage I ate this day was so delicious I came back for more. I think the sauce made it really so special – the sauce where you can only find here at Mobara.


There was this traditional mochi store, which has been running for years already and famous for its, yeah, of course, mochi and other rice cakes. But I am really sorry that I find the sauce so sweet (in general) that I dipped it just a little.


Of course, no one will not leave any matsuri without having some shaved ice. I tried this shaved stawberry. Literally, they frove the strawberries and shaved them. Honestly, I’m not a fan of kakegooris (maybe because I had enough of halo-halo in my country), but I could eat another one of this treat. Yeah, treat, for I had some discount.


Walking around the whole venue made me really tired, but as soon as I become tired, food stalls will be waiting, so yeah, a win-win for the locals and tourists. I’ll definitely come back next year.

If you plan to visit here next year, just drop of at Mobara Station of the JR Line. You’ll never get lost.



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