Moba-ramen (らぁ麺三軒屋)

I apologize for being inactive for the past two months since I got so busy with work and also went back to the Philippines.

Anyway, for my comeback, I’ll be telling you about the privilege I got last week – promoting Chiba Prefecture’s very own ramen called “Moba-ramen.” This was in collaboration with Chosei’s Regional Development Division.


As they will be renewing pamphlets and promotional materials this year, they tried asking the Prefectural Gov’t Office if any ambassador could become a model for the said ramen. Luckily, I live near the place where the ramen originated, and the offer came directly to me.

Moba-ramen is currently served at five restaurants here and it is an original of the restaurant, Senganya. This is where we went to for some photo shoot and interview. The place itself is home to some typical Japanese ramen, like shio ramen and tantanmen, but, of course, their specialty is Moba-ramen. For the interview, they served me this Moba-ramen, which has three-times-the-toppings-than-the-usual-one.


The taste? I’ll give it a 4.9/5. The broth itself is already flavorful, and the men (noodles)  is so firm and chewy. You get a handful of pork slices with lots and lots of negi. You could really feel the love of the person who made it. And yes, these are just some of the conditions for you to know (and be able to serve your own ramen at your own shop) what Moba-ramen is. Below are the complete rules to observe when eating and/or serving your own Moba-ramen.

其の壱  盛り盛りの豚バラ肉は必須。
其の弐  ネギ(茂原ネギ、長生きネギ)などの野菜は茂原近辺で採れた地の物にこだわる。
其の参  らーめん職人がこだわりを持ってつくる一杯である。
其の四  提供店は茂原を愛する店である。

I believe these were done by the creator of Moba-ramen – Sangenya. The shop has been operating since 2006 and has been loved by the locals since then. Moba-ramen was introduced from this restaurant during 2010, and has always satisfied the hunger of the people of Mobara.


You can know more about the restaurant and their menu from the link below:

The also have a blog site↓↓↓

It was actually my first time to eat there this week, and their customer service satisfaction is really up the grid. What else can I say? They have this philosophy or vow towards the customers:


So, for ramen hunters out there, why not try Moba-ramen and experience satisfaction at its finest? Chiba-ken has already proved itself in producing quality ramen throughout Japan. Katsuura’s Tantanmen won last year’s B1 Grand Prix and I also recommend this to every ramen-lover out there.


Thank you to Mr. Uno of the Regional Development Office for providing me with this great opportunity. Also, a BIG thanks to the owner of Sangenya for the hospitality and oh-so delicious ramen. I’ll definitely come back! (With my friends)

Delicious and affordable, that’s moba-ramen for you!


You can enjoy this ramen at Senganya by taking the JR line up to Mobara, then ride the bus going to Shirako and get off at Tobudai Iriguchi, which is just 3-4 bus stops away.

They operate from 11:30 until 1 AM!


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